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SAP Physical Inventory

Standard SAP physical inventory process is quite easy and straight forward. Once you go over this list with links to each step, you will be able to run your physical inventory process with ease.

SAP MI07 – Post Inventory Difference

SAP MI07 is the last step of your physical inventory process. It is the default transaction for reviewing and posting inventory differences.

SAP MI04 – Enter Inventory Count

After physically counting your stocks in SAP MI04 is the transaction you will use for inputting results. Read the article to learn how to use MI04.

SAP MI21 – Print Physical Inventory Document

This post details how to use SAP MI21 – Print Physical Inventory Document for printing physical inventory documents. You can use these printed documents for on-site stocktaking.

SAP MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document

When counting your stocks and doing a physical inventory in SAP MI01 is your starting point. The first step of a physical inventory is creating a physical inventory document, which is done via MI01.