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Transaction Report Header Description
LAS0 SAPMSP00 Sequencing
LAS2 SAPLSP00 Change Sequence Schedule
LAS3 SAPLSP00 Display Sequence Schedule
LBWE RMCEXCUC LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit
LBWF RMCEX000 Log for Logistics Extract. Structur
LBW0 RMCSBIWC Interface LIS Information Structure
LBW1 RMCSBIW0 Update Activation LIS/BW
LB01 SAPML02B Create Transfer Requirement
LB02 SAPML02B Change transfer requirement
LB03 SAPML02B Display Transfer Requirement
LB10 SAPML02B TRs for Storage Type
LB11 SAPML02B TRs for Material
LB12 SAPML02B TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.
LB13 SAPML02B TRs for Requirement
LCO1 RMCWMNMB Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.
LCO2 RMCWMNTA Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Order
LC10 RSLVCADM liveCache Assistant
LC11 RSLVCCON Creating the liveCache connection
LDAP SAPMLDAP LDAP Customizing and Test
LDA2 SAPLLD01 Change Takt Time
LDA3 SAPLLD01 Display Takt Time
LDB1 SAPLLD01 Create Line Hierarchy
LDB2 SAPLLD01 Change Line Hierarchy
LDB3 SAPLLD01 Display Line Hierarchy
LDD1 SAPLLD01 Create Line Balance
LDD2 SAPLLD01 Change Line Balance
LDD3 SAPLLD01 Display Line Balance
LDE1 RLDPS_PRINT_BY_ Work Instruction for Routing
LDE2 RLDPS_PRINT_BY_ Work Instruction for Line Hier.
LD00 MENULD00 Line Design
LD01 SAPML06D Repost Communication Document
LD02 RLLD0200 Reposting multiple comm.records
LD03 SAPML06D Display Communication Document
LD04 RLLD0400 Evaluation of Communication Doc.
LD05 SAPML06D Check LDK01 Records (internal call)
LD06 SAPML06D Check LDK02 Records
LD07 SAPML06D Check LDK03 Records
LD08 SAPML06D Check LDK04 Records (internal call)
LD09 SAPML06D Check LDK05 records
LD10 SAPML06D Clear decentralized inventory diff.
LD11 SAPML06D Clear differences in R/2
LEAN RVFTPRAN Request long-term VendDecl. (vendor
LECI SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LECIW SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LEER RVFTPRER Create long-term VenDecl. (customer
LEMA RVFTPRMA Dun long-term vendor decl. (vendor)
LEPA SAPLV53F Activate Determination Log
LEPS SHPFPDISPLAY Display Determination Log
LH01 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TO
LH03 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TO Display
LICC RLINV060 Cycle Counting per Quant
LISK RKCSUB00 LIS: Data Collection in R/2
LI01 SAPML04I Create System Inventory Record
LI01N SAPML04I Create System Inventory Record
LI02 SAPML04I Change System Inventory Record
LI02N SAPML04I Change System Inventory Record
LI03 SAPML04I Display System Inventory Record
LI03N SAPML04I Display System Inventory Record
LI04 SAPML04I Print System Inventory Record
LI05 SAPML04I Inventory History for Storage Bin
LI11 SAPML04I Enter Inventory Count
LI11N SAPML04I Enter Inventory Count
LI12 SAPML04I Change inventory count
LI12N SAPML04I Change inventory count
LI13 SAPML04I Display Inventory Count
LI13N SAPML04I Display Inventory Count
LI14 SAPML04I Start Inventory Recount
LI15 RLINV070 Evaluation of quant inventory
LI16 RLINV080 Cancel Physical Inventory Doc. Item
LI20 SAPML04I Clear Inventory Differences WM
LI21 RLLI2110 Clear Inventory Differences in MM-I
LK01 BUSSTART Create consumer
LK02 BUSSTART Change consumer
LK03 BUSSTART Display consumer
LLDEL SBAL_DELETE Delete application logs
LL01 RLLL0100 Warehouse Activity Monitor
LM01 RLMENU Dynamic Menu
LM02 RLMOB001 Select by SU -Put Away
LM03 RLMOB001 Put Away – by TO
LM04 RLMOB005 Put Away -System Guided
LM05 RLMOB001 Picking by TO ID
LM06 RLMOB001 Picking – by Delivery ID
LM07 RLMOB008 Picking – System Guided
LM09 RLMOB001 Put Away by Delivery ID
LM11 RLMOB010 Posting Changes
LM12 RLMOB012 Material Inquiry
LM13 RLMOB013 Put Away Clustered
LM18 RLMOB018 Handling Unit Inquiry
LM19 RLMOB019 Handling Unit – Pack
LM22 RLMOB019 Handling Unit – Unpack
LM24 RLMOB019 Packing HU by Delivery
LM25 RLMOB019 Unpack HU by Delivery
LM26 RLMOB007 Picking by Delivery – W/O sel scree
LM27 RLMOB007 Put Away by Delivery – W/O sel scre
LM30 RLMOB030 Load Control – Load by Shipment
LM31 RLMOB031 Load Control – Load by Delivery
LM32 RLMOB032 Load Control – System Guide Load
LM33 RLMOB030 Load Control – UnLd by Shipment.
LM34 RLMOB031 Load Control – UnLd by Delivery
LM35 RLMOB035 Load Control – Detail by Shipping U
LM36 RLMOB036 Load Control – Detail by Delivery
LM37 RLMOB037 Load Control – Detail by Shipment
LM45 RLMOB045 Pick and Pack
LM46 RLMOB045 Pick and Pack by Delivery
LM50 RLMOB003 Count Inventory By System Guided
LM51 RLMOB003 Count Inventory By User Selection
LM55 RLBINPRI Print Storage Bin Labels
LM56 RLMOB001 Select by SU – Interleaving
LM57 RLMOB005 System Guided Putaway – Interleavin
LM58 RXDCC001 Sys. guided dynamic inventory count
LM59 RXDCC001 User initiated dynamic invent. coun
LM60 RXDCC001 User guided dynamic invent. count
LM61 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Issue by Delivery
LM62 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Issue by MS area
LM63 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Issue by Shipment
LM65 RLEMOBGRGIGRP Goods Issue by Group
LM71 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Receipt by Delivery
LM72 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Receipt by MS area
LM73 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Receipt by Shipment
LM76 RLEMOBGRGIHU Goods Receipt by HU
LM77 RLQUEUE Queue Assignment
LM80 RLMOBSER Serial number capture
LNRMS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_MSGSE
LNRRQ SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_REQES
LNRRS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_RSRC
LNRTK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_TASK
LN01 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer Requirem
LN02 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer Orders
LN03 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Quants
LN04 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Posting Changes
LN05 SAPMSNUM Number ranges physical inventory
LN06 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Group Number
LN07 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.
LN08 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LVS_LENUM
LPIN SAPLLCPP Info: Material Stock WM-PP
LPINW SAPLLCPP Info Transaction (IAC)
LPK1 SAPMMPKR Create Control Cycle for WM
LPK2 SAPMMPKR Change Control Cycle for WM
LPK3 SAPMMPKR Display Control Cycle for WM
LPK4 RLWMPPC6 Create Contr.Cycles for Rel.Ord.Par
LPRO MENULPRO Material Forecast Menu
LPSC R_SCREEN_CONVER RF Screen Conversion Tool
LPVAS RLMBP011 VAS Management
LPYRD RLMBP011 Yard Management
LP00 RLMBP011 Mobile Presentation
LP10 SAPLLCPP Direct picking for PO
LP11 SAPLLCPP WM staging of crate parts
LP11W SAPLLCPP WM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)
LP12 SAPLLCPP Staging release order parts (WM-PP)
LP21 RLLNACH1 WM replenishment for fixed bins
LP22 RLLNACH2 Replenishm. Planning for Fixed Bins
LP24 RLLNACH4 WM Replenishment for Random Whse
LQ01 RLLQ0100 Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LQ02 RLLQ0200 Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LRF1 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; Active
LRF2 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; Passive
LROUT RTRM_LROUT Creation or adjustement of routes
LRSW RTRM_RES_MAINT Resource element maintenance  wizar
LSMW /SAPDMC/SAPMLSM Legacy System Migration Workbench
LS01 SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master Record
LS01N SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master Record
LS02 SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master Record
LS02N SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master Record
LS03 SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master Record
LS03N SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master Record
LS04 SAPML01S Display Empty Storage Bins
LS05 SAPML01S Generate Storage Bins
LS06 RLLS0600 Block Storage Bins
LS07 RLLS0700 Block Quants
LS08 RLLS0800 Block Storage Bins by Aisle
LS09 RLMS0010 Display Material Data for Stor.Type
LS11 RLLS0600 Change several stor.bins simultan.
LS22 SAPML01S Change Quants
LS23 SAPML01S Display Quants
LS24 SAPML01S Display Quants for Material
LS25 SAPML01S Display Quants per Storage Bin
LS26 SAPML01S Warehouse stocks per material
LS27 SAPML01S Display quants for storage unit
LS28 SAPML01S Display storage units / bin
LS32 SAPML01S Change storage unit
LS33 SAPML01S Display storage unit
LS41 RLLS4100 List of control cycles for WIP loc.
LS51 SAPMV13H Create Batch Search Strategy – WM
LS52 SAPMV13H Change Batch Search Strategie – WM
LS53 SAPMV13H Display Batch Search Strategy – WM
LTRCC RTRM_CONSISTENC TRM Customization Consistency Check
LT0A SAPML03T Pre-plan storage units
LT0B RLLT0B00 Putaway Pre-Picked Handling Units
LT0C RLLT0C00 Removal of Pre-Picked HUs from Stoc
LT0D RLLT0D00 Transfer of Existing Handling Units
LT0E SAPML03T Create Removal TO for 2-Step Pickin
LT0F SAPML03T Create TO for Inbound Delivery
LT0G RLLT0G00 Return delivery to stock
LT0H RLLT0E00 Putaway/Stock Transfer of HUs
LT0I RLLT0F00 Removal of Handling Units from Stoc
LT0J SAPML03T Put Away Handling Unit
LT0R RLLT0R00 Request replenishment manually
LT0S SAPML03T Create TO for multiple deliveries
LT01 SAPML03T Create Transfer Order
LT02 SAPML03T Create TO for Inventory Difference
LT03 SAPML03T Create TO for Delivery
LT04 SAPML03T Create TO from TR
LT05 SAPML03T Process Posting Change Notice
LT06 SAPML02B Create TO for Material Document
LT07 SAPML03T Create TO for mixed storage unit
LT08 SAPML03T Manual Addition to Storage Unit
LT09 SAPML03T ID point function for storage units
LT1A SAPML03T Change Transfer Order
LT1B SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item Pick
LT1C SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item Transport
LT1D SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Pick
LT1E SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Transport
LT1F SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU Pick
LT1G SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU Transport
LT10 RLS10034 Create Transfer Order from List
LT11 SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order Item
LT12 SAPML03T Confirm transfer order
LT13 SAPML03T Confirm TO for storage unit
LT14 SAPML03T Confirm preplanned TO item
LT15 SAPML03T Cancelling transfer order
LT16 SAPML03T Cancelling TO for storage unit
LT17 SAPML03T Single Entry of Actual Data
LT21 SAPML03T Display Transfer Order
LT22 RLLT2200 Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type
LT23 RLLT2300 Display Transfer Orders by Numbers
LT24 RLLT2400 Display Transfer Order / Material
LT25 RLLT2500 Display Transfer Order / Group
LT25A RLLT2501 Display Transfer Order / Group
LT25N RLLT2502 Confirm Transfer ORder / Group
LT26 RLLT2600 Transfer orders for storage bin
LT27 RLLT2700 Transfer order for storage unit
LT28 RLLT2800 Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT31 SAPML03T Print TO Manually
LT32 SAPML03T Print transfer order for stor.unit
LT41 SAPML05S Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing
LT42 SAPML05S Create TOs by Multiple Processing
LT43 SAPML05S Forming groups for deliveries
LT44 SAPML05S Release for Multiple Processing
LT45 RLSAMM10 Evaluation of reference numbers
LT63 RLLT6300 Control: Single Entry of Actual Dat
LT64 RLLT6400 Single Entry of Actual Data
LT72 SAPLL2PIK Determine 2-step relevance
LT73 SAPLL2PIK Display 2-step
LU01 SAPML02B Create Posting Change Notice
LU02 SAPML02B Change Posting Change Notice
LU03 SAPML02B Display Posting Change Notice
LU04 SAPML02B Selection of Posting Change Notices
LVASNR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LXVAS_VOI
LXDCA RCDALERT Cross Docking Alert Monitor
LXDCK RXDMONITOR Cross-Docking Monitor
LX01 RLS10010 List of Empty Storage Bins
LX02 RLS10020 Stock list
LX03 RLS10030 Bin Status Report
LX04 RLS10040 Capacity load utilization
LX05 RLS10050 Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim
LX06 RLS10060 Fire Department Inventory List
LX07 RLS10070 Check storage
LX08 RLS10080 Accident Regulations List
LX09 RLB10010 Overview of All Transf.Requirements
LX10 RLT10010 Activities per Storage Type
LX11 RLT10020 Document overview
LX12 RLT10030 Document Overview: Landscape Format
LX13 RLT10040 Analysis of differences
LX14 RLT10050 Matl mvmt frequency
LX15 RLINV010 Selection of Bins for Annual Invent
LX16 RLINV015 Selection of Bins for Continuous In
LX17 RLINV020 List of Inventory Differences
LX18 RLINV030 Statistics of Inventory Differences
LX19 RLBEST00 Inventory Data Takeover by Btch Inp
LX20 RLVST333 Generate interim storage bins
LX21 RLKOMM40 Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.
LX22 RLI30010 Process Inventory from Overview
LX23 RLABGL00 Stock comparison IM – WM
LX24 RLS10240 Display of hazardous mat.numbers
LX25 RLINV040 Inventory Status
LX26 RLINV050 Inventory in WM via cycle counting
LX27 RLS30010 Stock levels by shelf life
LX28 RLSUB000 Relevant TO item for ext.system
LX29 RLS10090 Fixed bin supervision
LX30 RLSUB010 Overview of WM messages ext.system
LX31 RLVSDR20 Analysis of print control tables
LX32 RLRT0001 Archived transfer orders
LX33 RLRB0001 Archived transfer requirements
LX34 RLRU0001 Archived posting change notices
LX35 RLRI0001 Archived system inventory records
LX36 RLRH0001 Archived inventory histories
LX37 RLSUB020 Linked objects
LX38 RLOLML02 Check Report Customizing Strategy K
LX39 RL2STK00 Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pc
LX40 RLWMPPC1 Material Situation Prod. Storage Bi
LX41 RLWMPPC3 Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
LX42 RLWMPPC4 Evaluation PP Order from WM View
LX43 RLWMPPC5 Consistency Check for Control Cycle
LX44 RLL10010 Inward and outward movements
LX45 RLVERIFY Verification Field in Storage Bin
LX46 RLT1HR00 Transmission WM perform. data to HR
LX47 RLLX4700 Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update
LYCHP RLYREGISTER Check-in / Check-out transaction
LYLDP RLYREGISTER Load & unload transaction
LYRDA RLYALERT Yard Alert Monitor
LYSCH RLXYRD_SCHDL_CH Yard Scheduling Chart