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Transaction Report Header Description
AAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable value
ABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciation
ABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0 SAPMABADR Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAKN SAPLAMDP Last Retirement on Group Asset
ABAON SAPLAMDP Asset Sale Without Customer
ABAV SAPMA01B Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVN SAPLAMDP Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAW SAPMA01B Balance sheet revaluation
ABCO SAPMA01B Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABF1 SAPMF05A Post Document
ABGF SAPMA01B Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL SAPMA01B Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoic
ABIF SAPMA01B Investment support
ABMA SAPMA01B Manual depreciation
ABMR SAPMA01B Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW SAPLAB01 Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalization
ABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-Capitalization
ABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalization
ABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent Revenue
ABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent Costs
ABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR
ABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areas
ABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company Code
ABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productio
ABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO SAPMA01B Asset acquis. autom. offset. postin
ABZON SAPLAMDP Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZP SAPMA01B Acquistion from affiliated company
ABZS SAPMA01B Enter write-up
ABZU SAPMA01B Write-up
ABZV SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc
AB01 SAPMA01B Create asset transactions
AB02 SAPLAB01 Change asset document
AB03 SAPLAB01 Display Asset Document
AB08 SAPLAB01 Reverse Line Items
ACBD ATPBD001 Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACCR MENUACCR Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 SAPMACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02 SAPMACCR01 Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03 SAPMACCR01 Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04 RACCRPROCESS Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
ACEC ACE_IMG Accrual Engine – IMG
ACEPP ACEPS_PERIODIC_ Accrual Engine – Periodic Postings
ACNR SAPMSNUM No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
AC00 MENUAC00 Service Master
AC01 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC02 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC03 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC04 SAPLBAS0 Service Master
AC05 RXASMD10 List Processing: Service Master
AC06 RXASMD10 List Display: Service Master
AC08 RBDSESRV Send service
AC10 RMMLCLST Class Hierarchy with Services
AD08 SAPMSD08 Enter G/L Account Posting
AD20 SAPLSD30 Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21 SAPMSD20 Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AFAB RAPOST2000 Post depreciation
AFABN RAPOST2000 Post Depreciation
AFAF RAT08400 Assets with errors
AFAMA RAVCLUST View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMD RACSTABL View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMH RAVCLUST Maintain Maximum Amount Method
AFAMP RACSTABL View Maint. Period Control Method
AFAMR RACSTABL View Maintenance Base Method
AFAMS RAVCLUST View Maint. Multi-Level Method
AFAMSK RAVCLUST Method: Levels in Calendar Years
AFAR RAAFAR00 Recalculate Depreciation
AFBD RABUCH20 Recreate Dep. Batch Input Session
AFBN RAFABNEW Include New Depreciation Area
AFBP RAPOST2001 Create depreciation posting log
AFWA SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWO1 RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin
AFWO2 RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWS SAPMAFWCH_SEGMC Maintain Segment Level Characterist
AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving Workbench
AIAB SAPMA15B AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAO SAPMV76A C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line it
AIAZ SAPMA15B Display Dist. Rule Allocation
AIBU SAPMA12B Transfer Asset under Const.
AIIO SAPMV76A C AM Maintain List Version AuC
AISFSS RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure
AISS RJBRSVAC Single Val. Analysis – Sensitivitie
AIST SAPMA12B Reverse Settlement of AuC
AJAB RAJABS00 Year-End Closing
AJRW RAJAWE00 Fiscal Year Change
AKAB SAPMWAKA List purchasing arrangements
AKE1 SAPMV13A Create Condition
AKE10 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE2 SAPMV13A Change Condition
AKE3 SAPMV13A Display Condition
AKE4 SAPMV13A Copy Condition
AKE5 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
AKE6 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
AKE7 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
AKE8 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
AKE9 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
AKKO SAPMWAKA Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKVA SAPMWAKA List sales arrangements
AKVK SAPMWAKA Promotion sales price conditions
ALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator
ALO1 RASHLO00 Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
AL02 RSDB0000 Database alert monitor
AL03 RSRZOLD Operating system alert monitor
AL04 RSSTAT85 Monitor call distribution
AL05 RSSTAT27 Monitor current workload
AL08 RSUSR000 Users Logged On
AL11 RSWATCH0 Display SAP Directories
AL12 RSDBBUFF Display table buffer (Exp. session)
AL13 RSTUNSHM Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)
AL15 RSHOSTLD Customize SAPOSCOL destination
AL16 RSHOST07 Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst
AL17 RSRZOLD Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. Syst
AL18 RSRZOLD Local File System Monitor
AL19 RSRZOLD Remote File System Monitor
AMRP RMCPAMRP Send Stock/Requirements List
AM04 SAPMA01A Changes to Asset Classes
AM05 RACSTABL Lock Asset Class
ANHAL RAVCLUST Maintain Cutoff Value Key
ANKA RAMUST03 Directory of asset classes
ANKL AWIZ_ANKL Generate Asset Classes
ANK0 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data
ANK1 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.
ANK2 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations
ANK3 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.
ANK4 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data
ANVEST RAVCLUST Maintain Investment Support Measure
AOBK RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Reduction rules
AOLA RAVC0ALA Master Data Tab
AO21 RAVCLUST Screen layout for deprec. areas
AO33 RAVCLUST Net worth tax field selection
AO42 RAVCLUST Insurance field selection
AO51 RAVCLUST Leasing field selection
AO67 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO68 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO73 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO74 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO75 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO76 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO77 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO78 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO79 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO80 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO81 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO82 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO83 RACSTABL Define Transaction Type
AO88 RAVCLUST Acct.Assignmt for Investment Suppor
AO91 RACSTABL Specify field group authorization
AO92 RACSTABL Logical field groups
ARQ0 RAQUER01 FIAA – Ad hoc reports
ARTE RWARTREPL Replace Articles in Layout Modules
ART0 RATREE00 FIAA – Info system
AR01 RABEST_ALV01 Call Asset List
AR02 RAGITT_ALV01 Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03 RAHAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation List
AR04 RAKAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation + Interest Lis
AR05 RAZUGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Acquisition List
AR06 RAABGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Retirement List
AR07 RAUMBU_ALV01 Call Up Asset Transfer List
AR08 RABIKA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation Compare List
AR09 RAVERM_ALV01 Call Up Property List
AR10 RAVERS_ALV01 Call Up Insurance List
AR11 RAINZU10 Investment Grants
AR11N RAINZU10N Investment Grants
AR12 RAANLA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Directory
AR13 RAKOPL02 Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AR14 RAMAFA_ALV01 Call Up Manual Depreciation List
AR15 RAAEND01 Changes to Master Record
AR16 RAAEND02 Changes to Asset Classes
AR17 RALEAS01 Call Up Leasing Liability List
AR18 RASIMU02 Call Up Depr.Simulation
AR19 RAHERK01 Call Up List of Origins
AR20 RAUSAG_ALV01 Retirement comparison
AR21 RAUSMQ10 Mid-quarter Alert Report
AR22 RAUSAG_ALV04 Analysis of retirment revenue
AR23 RAITAR01 Italy: Asset register
AR24 RAITAR02 Italy: Assets at 3rd party
AR25 RAGAFA_ALV01 Depreciation posted
AR26 RASOPO_ALV01 Call up special reserve list
AR27 RAKOMP_ALV01 Call up: Group asset list
AR28 RAHIST02 Call up asset history
AR29 RAAUFW01 FI-AA Manual Revaluation
AR29N RAAUFW02 Re- and New Valuation of Assets
AR30 RAWORK01 Display Worklist
AR31 RAWORK10 Edit Worklist
AR32 RABEST_ALV01 Call Create Worklist
AR32N RABEST_ALV01 Call Create Worklist
AS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB Archive File Browser
ASCC SAPLASEL Assets on My Cost Center – GUI Vers
ASIM SAPLAMDP_OLD Simulation of asset posting
ASKB RAPERB00 Periodic Asset Postings
ASKBN RAPERB2000 Periodic APC Posting Run
ASMN MENUASMN Asset Master Menu
AS01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record
AS02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record
AS03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record
AS04 SAPMA01A Asset Changes
AS05 SAPLAIST Block Asset Master Record
AS06 SAPLAIST Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
AS08 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges:Asset Number
AS100 SAPMALSMEX Legacy Data Transfer using Excel
AS11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber
AS21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset
AS22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset
AS23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset
AS24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Subnumber
AS25 SAPLAIST Block group asset
AS26 SAPLAIST Mark group asset for deletion
AS81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Assets Data
AS82 SAPLAIST Change old group asset
AS83 SAPLAIST Display old group asset
AS84 SAPLAIST Create legacy group asset subnumber
AS91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset
AS92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset
AS93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset
AS94 SAPLAIST Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
ATPS SAPLATPS ATP Check: Send Customizing
ATRA SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
AT01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record (old)
AT02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record (old)
AT03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record (old)
AT11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber (Old)
AT21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset (old)
AT22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset (old)
AT23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset (old)
AT24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)
AT81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Asset (old)
AT82 SAPLAIST Change Old Group Asset (old)
AT83 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset (old)
AT84 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old
AT91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset (old)
AT92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset (old)
AT93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset (old)
AT94 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)
AUFW RAVCLUST Maintain Revaluation Measures
AUN0 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN1 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN10 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN11 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN2 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN3 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN4 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN5 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN6 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN7 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN8 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN9 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary
AUT01 AUT_CUST01 Configuration of Logging
AUT03 AUT_CUST01 Display Configuration
AUT04 AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text Logs
AUT05 AUT_DEL05 Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10 AUT_REP10 Evaluation of Audit Trail
AUVA RAUNVA00 FI-AA Incomplete Assets
AWW1 SAPMAWW1 Start asset information via ALEWEB
AW01 AW01N Asset Explorer
AW01N AW01N Asset Explorer
AXPD RXPDANALYSIS Progress Tracking Evaluations