SAP CS15 – Where Used List

SAP CS15 transaction displays where a material is used. This transaction shows single or multi-level lists for the materials that uses selected material.

İnitial screen for SAP CS15 is shown below. There is not much to fill in on this form. All you need to do is to fill in the box with the material you are inquiring about and select “Direct” option from below. You generally do not need to change rest of the options.

Here you can see an example use of this transaction:

After clicking on Execute button (Clock icon) or pressing F8 on keyboard, you will be prompted with a second form. You need to fill in required or resulting quantity for the material. Filling required quantity will show you a list of how many of each parent level item you can produce with the amount you specified. Filling resulting quantity will show you a list of how many of the material is needed to produce one parent level item with the amount you specified.

If you continue with only filling one of these fields, you will see a single level where-used list.

If you enable “Extend view” option from bottom right of second form, you will see a multi-level where-used list.

In SAP CS15 report, Lvl field in first column is important. Because it shows at which level your material is used in that item.


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  1. Luis Miguel Gutierrez says:


    Is there a trasaction that can make the same thing but in a massive way? i mean, where you can put more than one part number.


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