SAP MI21 – Print Physical Inventory Document

This post details how to use SAP MI21 – Print Physical Inventory Document for printing physical inventory documents. You can use these printed documents for on-site stocktaking.

When you are counting your stocks with SAP, first thing you need to do is to create a physical inventory document with the transaction MI01. After you created your physical inventory documents, you can print these documents with MI21. These documents are required on site to count your stocks according to SAP standard.

When you first open SAP MI21, you will see lots of filters. If you know the number of physical inventory document that you want to print, fill it and run the transaction. You can use other filters if you don’t know the physical inventory document number.

Once you call your physical inventory document, a print interface will pop up. Select your printer from “Output Device” field if it is not already filled. Set other parameters as you need or just left it blank. Then you can press print preview button to preview your document or just print it with print button.

Printed version of your physical inventory document will look like the one below (this is the print preview screen of SAP MI21):

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