SAP MI07 – Post Inventory Difference

SAP MI07 is the last step of your physical inventory process. It is the default transaction for reviewing and posting inventory differences.

When you first open SAP MI07 transaction, you will need to fill physical inventory document number to list differences. You need to be careful while specifying posting date. Good movements will be dated with this date.

After you fill necessary information and press enter, you will see a list of differences by batch number. For each inventory difference, there will be a quantity and value information. There is also a field at the end of each row for reason code. You may leave it empty if you like.

After inspecting differences, press post (Save button on top menu) to post differences. You will see a message like the one below after this.

Now your inventory is changed and -/+ differences are made on quantities. Here is the stocks of two materials we just counted:

Before posting differences:

After posting differences:

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3 Responses

  1. Vineet Bhat says:

    There is difference between batch in the system and physically

  2. Roger M says:

    My name is Roger, I manage the stock, I would like to know about posting differences (MI07), How to do articles that do not show differences (difference). These articles are not posted, I note that these items are not taken into account when creating new inventory document at the next inventory. How to process these items to be taken into account when creating the next inventory document.

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