SAP MI04 – Enter Inventory Count

After physically counting your stocks in SAP MI04 is the transaction you will use for inputting results. Read the article to learn how to use MI04.

SAP MI04 is the third step in your physical inventory process after you completed first two steps, which are;

  • Create physical inventory document with MI01
  • Print physical inventory document with MI21

When you first open the transaction MI04, the screen below will appear. You need to input a physical inventory document number and a “Count Date”. If you don’t know your physical inventory document number, you can find it by using search aid. You can also find it on upper left area of the printed document. After you fill in those information, you can continue by pressing enter.

Following screen is the soft version of the list you printed by using MI21 transaction. All you need to do here is to fill the boxes matching with printed document.

If a stock item is not found during count process, you need to leave corresponding field empty and click on the checkbox (ZC- Zero Count) next to it. If all items are missing, you can click on “Set Zero Count” button just below the screen title. It will check all “ZC” boxes at once.

Once finished click on the save button to post your count results. A message will appear on the lower left side of the screen with the document number you just used.

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