SAP MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document

When counting your stocks and doing a physical inventory in SAP MI01 is your starting point. The first step of a physical inventory is creating a physical inventory document, which is done via MI01.

Open MI01 and set document date and planned count date. These dates comes automatically filled with current date. So it is important to make sure that they are adjusted according to your reality.

Then select plant and storage location. This specifies the location to be counted. One inventory document can be for one storage location only.

There are other options that might come in handy, such as “Posting Block”. This option blocks all movement related to the storage location of your physical inventory document until you post differences.


After filling first screen of SAP MI01, you will be asked for materials to be counted, along with their batch numbers.


You may input all materials in related storage location or input ones with differences after taking physical inventory by other means. First approach will have all your stocks counted but can be difficult to manage when there are hundreds of stock items in a storage location. Second approach will be quicker but required “out of system” counting and most of your stocks will not have a count record.

You can copy-paste items into the list to fill it faster. How many lines fits your screen depends on your screen resolution. For example 34 rows fits into my screen with 3200x1800px resolution.


When you press enter, rows with data will move upwards and disappear from screen.


When finished inputting, press save button from top menu and you will receive a message showing your document number. This message means that your inventory document is created without any issues.


As you see, using SAP MI01 transaction is quite simple. If you have any questions you can use the comment area below.

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