SAP MB52 – Display Warehouse Stocks For Material

In SAP MB52 is the standard transaction that you will be using for checking your warehouse stocks. There are other transactions that list stocks, but MB52 is by far the most useful.

Like many transactions in SAP MB52 comes with a filter screen. Here is the filter screen for MB52. You can filter your stocks by alot of parameters.

General pointers are:

  • If your company have more than one plant, be aware of which plant or plants are selected.
  • If you have the batch number(s), only inputting batch number is enough for finding stocks.
  • Be sure to check “Display Batch Stocks” and “No zero stock lines” under Settings group. First one is for batch detail and second one is for a clean report.
  • I strongly recommend you to use “Non-Hierarchical Representation” option under Display Options. This will get you a table style report.

You can arrange column order and column visibility from inside the report screen:

Once you arrange your report from here and save it, SAP MB52 will be your go to screen for stocks.


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4 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    How come there is a difference between running the report selecting batch stock vs. not selecting batch stock. by not selecting batch SAP disregards SOH and stock value?

  2. Doye Oyelekan says:

    Why can’t I get MB52 at different times. It is only as at that time only

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