SAP MMBE – Stock Overview

In SAP MMBE shows your stocks of a material by company code, plant, storage location and batch in drill-down form.

When you first open SAP MMBE, you will be greeted with a selection of filters as usual. Material field is mandatory, since it lists stocks of the selected. You can play with other filters to fit the report to your taste.


Here is the report run for the item no: 153. It shows stocks of 153 detailed in company, plant, storage location and batch number. Stocks are also distinguished by type. You can expand or collapse fields in any detail level you like.


You can’t export this list to an outside file. But you can print it if you need to.

You can also check your stocks in detail by clicking on the “Detailed Display” button. This button will show a pop-up list with details of the selected line. If the top line is selected when you click on this button, it will show values for total stock. If you select a batch from list and click on this button, it will show details for selected batch only.


Personally I prefer to use MB52 to check stocks. It is much more flexible and capable then SAP MMBE. Actually I never used MMBE again after I learned about SAPMB52, I advise you to check it.

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