SAP MB51 – Material Document List

When searching for materials movement history in SAP MB51 is the transaction you are going to use. It is a flexible and neat report that you will find very useful.

In SAP, all transactions that create goods movements (sales, goods receipt, transfers, etc.) creates material documents. These material documents have details of that movements (like date, user, locations, invoice nr, etc.). Therefore they are used for tracking material movement history.

In order to effectively track movement history, you need to be informed about movement types in SAP. Movement type shows at a glance, what kind of movement is done to a material (sales, transfer, etc.). You can get information about most used movement types in the post: common movement types.

When you first call SAP MB51 transaction, the first screen you are going to see will be the filter screen.


This screen has a wide variety of filter for your different filtering needs. Most common filters you are likely to use are:

  • Material
  • Plant (for multi-pant systems)
  • Batch
  • Movement Type
  • Posting Date
  • User Name

An important detail is clicking on this option to avoid struggling with ugly multi row lists. When you click on this option, your list will be created in datasheet layout.


When you search for a material, you get a list of movements of that material. Default list you are going to get will look like the one below:


This list doesn’t have much information as it is. But since a material document has much more information, you can choose to display more in here. This can be done as shown below.


Material Document in detail (MIGO-Display authorization is required):


This amount of information should be enough to start using SAP MB51 effectively. By checking all available options and additional columns, you can master this report in no time.

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33 Responses

  1. I am now not certain where you are getting your information, however good topic.
    I needs to spend some time studying much more or working
    out more. Thanks for fantastic information I used to be in search of
    this info for my mission.

  2. Hlaing Bwar Oo says:

    How can i add reference in MB51?

  3. Neil Salaver says:

    How do i know the material document number in SAP that has been GR already?

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Is there a way to export the material document list as spreadsheet?

  5. Ed says:

    When did MB51 start requiring access to MIGO, in order to display the detailed report? I have a 7.31 ECC system that does not require MIGO for drilldown in MB51. I inherited a 7.40 ECC system that requires MIGO for drilldown.

  6. Victor says:

    Question no 1 . MB51 able to check multiple material document list
    Question no 2 How to export in to excel

    • melih says:

      MB51 can check multiple material documents. But you can’t search by doc. by default. You need to use other fields.
      To export, click on the button on top left. It should read file or something like that. You will see the option there.

  7. Siham says:

    How to find an article average annual consumption plz?
    Thank you

  8. Saby says:

    Hi I am new to sap, but I need to learn all, how is it possible

  9. mohan kumar says:

    how can i use Material Document no in MB51

  10. Elise says:

    What does negative quantity and negative amounts in MB51 mean?

    • melih says:

      It shows the movements that creates a decrease in your stock locations. Based on the movement type, they can mean a stock location change or sales/consumption,etc.

  11. joe says:

    how do I identify where parts have come from? i.e what vendor send the parts

  12. Rengga says:

    Dear author.
    I just wandering around. Is there any t code in SAP that show all list PO in period 2019 for exp and it’s invoice. Thanks in advance.

  13. Nick says:

    As we operate a first in first out batch system. How can I monitor consumption directly related to particular GRN’s to prove this import has been consumed, scrapped returned etc

  14. Uvananthiny says:

    i am not able to view the reult for my MB51 report but my colleague can with the same settings. where can this go wrong ?

    • melih says:


      That is most likely an authorization issue. Please contact your organisation’s IT department and have them check your authorizations.

  15. Hasnain Raza says:

    Hi! How can i check which material MIGO is pending and for how many days so that i can follow up with my material warehouse team for its closure in system

  16. Adam says:


    My MB51 list is not showing data as cleanly as it is in your default list example above. There seems to not only be a header, but a position as well, making the data come out very sloppy when exporting to excel and making it difficult to add the data into a pivot table. Do you know what I’m talking about and how I could fix this?

  17. M.Haroon says:

    Hi how could i search transaction id in mb51 that which user id use for transaction

  18. M Haroon says:

    Transaction means material transfer from one location to other location. need to find that which user id transfer to location use.

  19. Niranjan says:


    how can i take 2years data currently it is coming from Oct19 to Dec20 but i need the data from Jan19 to Dec20

  20. Bloody SAP says:

    How do I save 3 vendor codes together so I can get only my vendor products that are posted rather than going one by one?
    for eg, I want to look for items from 3 vendors only.?

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