SAP User Interface

SAP user interface may not be the prettiest amongst ERP software’s, but once you get used to it, you can use it with ease as any other software.

Once you login to SAP, you will be greeted this screen:


You can use SAP Menu to navigate to screens:


Or you can simply type the transaction name into the box above the menu to navigate to that transaction:


Both of them will take you to the screen you want to:


You can use the colorful buttons above the screen to go back to main screen:


Top bar of SAP user interface houses general tools and options. Please be aware that some tools and options may change depending on which transaction is open on a given SAP user interface screen. One menu can be missing in a screen while it is located on another.

General screens that are located on all screens, regardless of which transaction is active are stated as general menus in this article.

First menu changes based on the active transaction and shows (mostly) navigation options.


Second menu is editing menu and has editing options on it.


Third menu is a navigation menu similar to the first one, but has more general navigation options.


Fourth menu is a general menu and it is located in all SAP user interface screens. It includes system related options and tools.


Fifth and final menu is Help menu. Like the System menu, this menu is a general menu and it is located on all screens regardless of the active transaction.


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