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SAP MM60 – Materials List

SAP MM60 transaction shows you a list of all or selected materials defined on your system.

SAP MMSC – Enter Storage Locations

In SAP MMSC is the transaction which you define storage locations for your materials. If you don’t define storage locations for your materials, you can’t transfer them to those locations.

SAP CS15 – Where Used List

SAP CS15 transaction displays where a material is used. This transaction shows single or multi-level lists for the materials that uses selected material.

SAP Physical Inventory

Standard SAP physical inventory process is quite easy and straight forward. Once you go over this list with links to each step, you will be able to run your physical inventory process with ease.

SAP MI07 – Post Inventory Difference

SAP MI07 is the last step of your physical inventory process. It is the default transaction for reviewing and posting inventory differences.

SAP MI04 – Enter Inventory Count

After physically counting your stocks in SAP MI04 is the transaction you will use for inputting results. Read the article to learn how to use MI04.